Forrester波 - 连续交付和释放自动化,Q2 2020

Forrester Names GitLab as a Strong Performer in Wave for CDRA

Gitlab和Forrester Wave用于连续交付和释放自动化(CDRA)2020

This page represents how Forrester views our CDRA capabilities in relation to the larger market and how we're working with that information to build a better product. It is also intended to provide Forrester with ongoing context for how our product is developing in relation to how they see the market.

对于获得Forrester Research的人,可以找到报告的链接这里.

Forrester's Key Takeaways on the CDRA Market in the report:

Visualizations Of Complex Application And Deployment Models Are Key Differentiators


Forrester在报告中对Gitlab进行: expanding its comprehensive platform quickly.

Gitlab.emerged from the continuous integration side of the market and, with its foundation in source control, has strong headwaters capabilities. GitLab supports continuous integration and deployment to cloud-native platforms, but support for legacy platforms is lacking. More recently, the company has added continuous delivery features, including continuous integration and deployment for Kubernetes. The product bases its application modeling on Helm charts, thus requiring Kubernetes to function. The firm grounds its strategy in a very active open source community and a clear ability to execute on this business mode. GitLab distinguishes itself as one of the fastest-innovating vendors in this evaluation.

Gitlab采取:在过去的几年里,已经将自己作为CI和Cloud Native CI的一致领导者在过去的几年中,投资CD一直是优先确保其他一半的“CI / CD方程”可以容易和达到任何人。在CDRA市场中被命名为一个强大的表演者,首次发言关于我们的创新步伐和不仅仅是CDRA的速度,而是CI / CD的整体,容易和可达到所有开发软件的卷。


Gitlab.cited as a强大的表演者in the Forrester Continuous Delivery and Release Automation (CDRA) report for Q2 2020 is only the beginning. Here's why:

Rapid innovation is a part of our DNA at GitLab和plays a huge role in continuously delivering new functionality and improving upon existing features by shipping the smallest possible change each month, embracing what we call a最小的可行变化(MVC)approach. It's extremely exciting to see GitLab positioned favorably among the market in recent years' CI analyst Waves and now this CDRA Wave as we mature our发布capabilities. Simply put, it's rare to see a single solution cover so much ground in the CI/CD market and do it well, as a majority of DevOps solutions typically specialize in either CI or CD, not both. This means that alternative solutions rely on integrations to make up for what they lack in native product capabilities, or require users to combine multiple products and add complexity to their likely already complex DevOps toolchain in order to acheive similar success.

Although we've still got work to do in the CDRA realm to become a leader, we see the results of this Wave as very positive reinforcement that we're taking the right approach. Check out some of the highlights from the publication, what we've learned, and where we're headed below.


CDRA领域的供应商票价如何与其CI / CD能力的实力和成熟直接相关。因此,此CDRA波浪的报告充当了供应商帮助企业的能力实现目标并自动化其软件开发过程的众多实验指标之一。我们认为下面的亮点表明我们正朝着正确的方向前进。


  • Build automation/continuous integration
  • 部署和操作
  • CDRA vision and value proposition
  • manbetx体育客户端3.0产品创新
  • 市场方法和可行性

Lessons learned

Where we disagree

虽然Forrester引用“复杂应用程序和部署模型的可视化作为关键差异化”,但我们承认这种方法中的价值取决于情况,请取决于情况,我们并不完全同意创建可视化建模工具的需求在Gitlab中实现类似的成功。我们相信使用Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG),parent-child pipelines,和runbooks将充分支持先进的编排和部署的编排。


It's no secret that GitLab one of the strongest Kubernetes integrations anywhere. However, based on feedback in the publication, we acknowledge that we have an opportunity to improve our support for non-Kubernetes release choreography legacy deployments. On our Release Orchestrationdirection page, we've added a greater investment and support for non-Kubernetes release choreography by investing in improved visibility and deployment monitoring, as well as expanding our流夹方向包括发行流程书。

On our连续交货方向页面,我们添加了支持AWS deployments并将自动Devops功能扩展到非Kubernetes AWS目标。

你可以看看我们的最佳视觉物品用于发布编排,连续交货高级部署to find more details about our longer term focuses for usability, maturity, and nimbleness of orchestrating releases and automating deployments in GitLab based on lessons learned.


手动,耗时,释放软件的方法的日子已经一去不复返了,除非你落后于曲线 - 好消息?在正确的道路上,永远不会太晚。像CDRA波一样的分析师报告提供有价值的见解,您可以在制定影响您的业务的决策时更好地了解,以便在您的组织与您想要的地方进行评估。

随着技术和软件开发的步伐继续为供应商和企业的巨大压力造成巨大的压力,以便现代化他们如何提供应用程序,自动化起到核心作用。CDRA市场将不断发展,并且变得比以往更重要,因为它与组织整体CI / CD能力的实力/成熟度直接相关。正如前所未有的福尔特所说,我们看到了一个明显的趋势,近年来“持续交付市场继续巩固”。我进一步迈出了这一点,并说“Devops市场继续巩固”,意思是公司在减少弥补其Devops Toolchains的产品的数量时,这是一个相反的产品,而这种趋势manbetx体育客户端3.0类似于刀具整合趋势的更现实和可达到的版本,我们从“大型机时代”前的软件开发中看到了从软件开发。较少的复杂性使软件开发过程更具可扩展性,更易于维护,更具成本效益,这在数十年前的数字时代的转向时不一定是这种情况。

Heading into the near future, all indications point to this trend of tool consolidation becoming more of a focal point among the greater DevOps community. I think we'll see a larger number of publications and analyst coverage with CI, CD, and release automation evaluated together as a group instead of segmenting them like we do with CI and CD today. One thing is for sure, the future is bright and this is a great time for us at GitLab to raise the stakes of our complete DevOps platform, not hedge our bets.


Since 2018, we've made significant investments to add new functionality, improve existing features, and make连续交货,高级部署发布编排与Gitlab更成熟的产品区域。manbetx体育客户端3.0


And some exciting features recently shipped as of July 2020: